Wineberry HOA Board Meeting Minutes 2022-06-09

Wineberry Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, 09 June 2022

7:30 pm

Virtual Meeting on MS Teams


Board members present:

  • Alex Schubow, President
  • Jerry Thompson, Treasurer
  • David Fryrear, Secretary
  • Peter Silvestri, Member

HOA members attending:

No homeowners attended this meeting.


  • Homeowner comments
  • Board Membership and elections
  • Prior Business:  Security cameras
  • New Business
    • Procedure for providing HOA documentation at real estate closings
    • Maintenance issues with vacant lot at 1316 Newcastle
    • Renovations of Paul Neal Park
    • Solar panels
  • Closed Session

The meeting was called to order at 7:32 pm

Homeowner comments

There were no homeowners in attendance. 

Prior Business

Security Cameras

Testing on the camera has been successful but it has been learned that, due to the number of events captured, more storage is required which would result in a higher annual cost.

To work in the neighborhood, the camera would have to be posted on a light post, which would be the next test.  As the light posts are the Village’s responsibility, permission would be required.  Peter Silvestri will inquire with the Village if the camera can be tested on an existing lamp post.

New Business

Board Membership and Election

Scott Messina has volunteered to join the Board to fill the position left vacant by Andy Payne’s move.  Per the bylaws and covenants, the Board can accept a volunteer in an open position until the next scheduled election.  Alex Schubow moved to vote Scott onto the Board as a Board Member at Large and for Peter Silvestri to fill the open Vice President position.  David Fryrear seconded.  The vote was taken and with a unanimous yes vote.

The next Board election will be in October and there will be three positions up for election.  David Fryrear informed the Board that he would be unable to run for re-election.  Interested Homeowners are encouraged to run for election to the Board.  A call for candidates will be made in the next few weeks.

Procedure for providing HOA documentation at real estate closings

Homeowners, realtors, and attorneys have been making repeated requests with unreasonable timelines for HOA information required for real estate closings.  In some cases, the documents had been provided but the Homeowner could not locate them at the time of closing.  This has included calls from closings on Board Members’ personal phones while they are working or late at night prior to closing demanding documentation.  The Board agrees that this is unacceptable and a new approach will be taken.

The HOA bylaws/covenants, budget, and Board meeting minutes are readily available to Homeowners, who can obtain these themselves.  The Board will provide a paid assessment letter.  The Board is not required to complete any other documents, including questionnaires from realtors, buyers, or attorneys and will not fulfill these extraneous requests.

The Board, which consists entirely of volunteers who have day jobs, does not have the responsibility or capacity to respond to immediate requests or replacement of documents.  The Board agreed that going forward when a request is made, a link to the documents will be provided to the Homeowner from the HOA email account allowing them to obtain copies of bylaws/covenants, budget, and minutes.  A paid assessment letter will also be provided. 

Maintenance issues with vacant lot at 1316 Newcastle

The unimproved property at 1316 Newcastle is overgrown.  The realtor listing the property has been contacted but has not responded.  One more attempt to contact the realtor will be made and the Village Code Enforcement office will be contacted.  If the owner does not address the overgrown grass, the Village will mow the property and send a bill and code violation fine to the owner.

Renovation of Paul Neal Park

The Board has been made aware that Paul Neal Park will be renovated as part of the master plan for the renovation of every park in the Village.  The playground will be renovated, four (4) pickleball courts will be added, and both sides of the street will become no parking zones per the current proposal, which has not been approved.

Homeowners adjacent to the park received notices of the renovation plan and expressed concerns about parking, traffic, and speeding.  While the Board supports the improvement of the park, it shares the concerns expressed.

A Village Parks and Recreation Committee meeting will be held on 21 June 2022.  Peter Silvestri volunteered to attend on behalf of the HOA Board to request a traffic study as well as details on parking.


Some Homeowners have informally inquired regarding addition of solar panels to their property.  While the Board cannot prohibit solar panels, the Board can establish requirements including size and location.

As the HOA bylaws/covenants require cedar roofing materials, any rooftop solar would have to be installed atop the cedar roof.  The Board will consider requirements, which may include that panels must be rooftop mounted and no free-standing on the property and that panels cannot be facing the street.

Closed Session

The Board entered a closed session at 8:20 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 pm.

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